Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2021 Men’s Collection Embraces the Inner Child

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According to Virgil Abloh, digging deep into the heart and soul of fashion can be achieved by seeing the world through the eyes of a child. For the conceptualization of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2021 men’s collection, the artistic director tapped into a youthful mentality, channeling a kid’s perspective in order to see beyond the preconceived ideas and social statuses of today’s world. The collection’s journey began in July with a playful short film from Paris that set up its voyage across the world. The second chapter of its expedition, in the form of a runway show, was staged live from Shanghai today.

Titled Message in a Bottle, the collection takes the fashion house in a fantasy-inspired direction. Models walked amongst thematic installations of giant shipping containers and giant hovering balloons. Abloh’s boyhood inspiration manifested in cartoon characters–a colorful crew dubbed “Zoooom with friends”–that came to life on the runway after being introduced in animated form in Paris.

The fashion itself conveys youthfulness through primary colors and plush animal details and accessories. The collection was crafted from upcycled overstock materials from seasons past, with garments carrying a newly-designed Upcycling Signal Logo in honor of the intertwined, past-meets-present nature of the collection.

The lineup of 30 looks was divided into four upcycled categories: those made from recycled overstock material, pieces created from recycled ideas, new iterations of previous seasons’ designs, and pieces upcycled as part of the Homework initiative (a capsule within the collection that was designed in quarantine). Abloh decided to take this sustainable route in an effort to de-program the waste and overproduction present in the current culture of high fashion.

The final chapter of the collection will arrive in Tokyo on September 2, with the staging of a third live show.

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