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Back before everything changed, it would be pretty difficult to pin down a regular day for Pietro Boselli. The engineering scholar and male model was dubbed the “world’s sexiest math teacher” after a university lecture of his went viral online a few years ago, and since then he’s done everything from Tommy Hilfger and Moschino and even appeared in the most recent issue of our own CR MEN. At present, though, every day seems nearly the same. “I have a consolidated a routine,” he says from the comfort of home, a posh London flat meticulously kept minimal. (“I do not like owning much stuff,” he explains. “I find it distracting. Having large windows and lots of light is essential, and I can see the horizon from here, plenty of sky. I do not feel constrained.”) His secret to getting through the unknown? Taking moments to pause. Here, Boselli welcomes CR MEN into a day of his life in isolation with this intimate photo diary captured by Ollie Ali.

“I wake up early, as I always have, but now I take a bit more time. Maybe I’ll start with some music, then eat something quick, and either go for a walk or meditate. I really need to eat something high in carbs as soon as I wake up, I do not drink coffee or any caffeinated drink, so my energy boost is mainly caloric, as I believe it should be.”

“Then I sit at my desk, and catch up with the remote work that I can do. I then focus on the many projects I have been wanting to realize for a while, but never had time to sit down and actually dedicate time to work on because of a life on the go. I like to really interiorize, write notes, and conduct research. It is a habit I developed after so many years in academia, or perhaps an inclination I already had that made me successful in academia—a bidirectional causality one might say. “

“The highlight of the day is always my workout. It is no secret that I love it, and that it makes me feel great. I have some gym equipment in my garage, and I have a field in front of my building that I can use for outdoor functional training, such as sled pulls with a big old tractor tire. It is the grittiest moment of the day, and I am often still buzzing from it as I eat my dinner.”

“Part of my daily routine is of course preparing my meals rigorously, and cleaning the house, which I find to be an excellent way to disengage from the thoughts of the day and relax the mind. My house is always spotless, and it gives me a sense of peace. Music is also a great companion throughout the day; I always wear headphones from when I wake up to when I go to sleep, and I play my guitar when I feel inspired.”

“I then try to relax before sleep: catch up with social media, maybe watch something light-hearted. The days actually go by rather quickly.”


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