CR’s Dog Day Afternoon With Miles McMillan

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Miles McMillan has been on top of the modeling world for years now, and is an honorary member of the CR family. While we could easy to go through his list of fashion career highlights, the laid-back La Jolla, California-native much more prefers to discuss his two dogs, Rocco and Skunk (ages 9 and 1), which he shares with his boyfriend, the actor Zachary Quinto. Here, the the trio sport the best casual-chic looks for day-to-night dog walking.

While he’d never pick a favorite, McMillan confesses: “Rocco is my first puppy. I have a real connection with him, and he’s also my emotional support animal.”

“We actually found Rocco after he was featured on the LIVE with Kelly show through the rescue agency Happy Paws,” says McMillan. “Zach texted me saying, ‘Should I bring him home?’ We were only supposed to have him for two days, then three days, then we adopted him.”

Meanwhile, Skunk, who was Zach’s before they started dating, “is older and scrappier,” says the 28-year-old model. “He tries to be in charge, but Rocco is bigger, so it’s a power struggle sometimes.”

“The hardest part of training them was getting them to come. Coming was very hard. They just don’t listen, ever.”

“I feel like Rocco is a reggae dog. He was born on 4/20,” says McMillan.

“They’re not vain and don’t have their own Instagram accounts, but they’re featured heavily on ours.” (See: @milesmcmillan and @zacharyquinto)

“No doggie blowouts for these guys. I just shampoo ’em using Dr. Bronner’s or whatever’s in the shower. It’s easier to have one bottle for the whole family!”

“I got Rocco a year ago in July and I brought him to a shoot with Carine a few days after. He ended up in an editorial with Natasha Poly. I’m like, It took me years to get to this point!”


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