How To Protect Your Handbag from the Rain

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Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 was the rainiest one we’ve attended in years, but that didn’t stop the street style stars from debuting their best looks. Amidst the frequent downpours, we noticed a predominate trend this time—the smartest ones had cleverly covered their handbags in what looked like mini plastic raincoats. Here, we’ve demonstrated our own take on the trend using plastic over the season’s best handbags, all of which are worth protecting.

So we did more research, and it turns out that’s exactly what those coverings were: The Handbag Raincoat is a patented protective barrier between handbags and the elements, and it’s the only one of its kind on the market. The genius idea came to sisters Morgan and Arley Sarner while they were still attending university. On weekends, they’d visit New York, which is where they made a life-changing observation. “We noticed that when caught in the rain, women are more likely to protect their handbag than their hair or anything else,” Morgan says. “You’d always see women with their bag underneath their coat or sweatshirt. It was crazy! We knew that there had to be a better solution.”

Their solution started with a plastic shower curtain that they found in their parent’s bathroom—and they pulled in every single handbag they owned. The goal was to make a universal “raincoat” that would easily fit over any size bag. After some trial and error, they developed a Velcro closure that allows for coverage of different types of handbag handles, that also prevents leaks.

While the Sarens continued to perfect their product and seek out a patent, Morgan went on to work in production and merchandising at Rebecca Minkoff for five years, where she took away valuable knowledge for their future family business. Theirs is the kind of success story that we’re always hearing about, but it so rarely applies to the kind of innovation that luxury handbag owners can be grateful for.

Do you think we’ll ever go back to rainy European Fashion Weeks without a Handbag Raincoat for our ,000 Chanel bags? Guess again. In fact, we think the Sarner invention is so cute, that might even use it when it’s not raining.

Photographs Julien Boudet, Fashion Sheena Smith, Hair Sirsa Ponciano, Makeup Asami Matsuda, Manicures Mei Kawajiri, Model Veronika Vilim

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