Loewe Announces The Winner of Their Craft Foundation Prize

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The results of the Loewe’s Craft Foundation Prize are in!

Loewe opened their first-ever virtual exhibition for the thirty artists from around the globe who are in the running today.

The winning piece was “SHE” (2016) made by Beijing-based artist Fanglu Yin (b.1989, China). The work impressed the jury with its large scale and detail. Made with cloth, the work is modelled after thousand-year-old sewing methods used by women of Bai Minority in Yunan Province, China.

Special mentions were given to David Corvalàn (b.1979, Chile) for his piece Desértico II, a copper wire and resin work inspired by the politics and physical landscape of Corvalàn’s home in Atamaca desert and Takayuki Sakiyama (b. 1958, Japan) for his piece Chōtō: Listening To The Waves, a love letter to the power and beauty of the sea.

Fanglu Yin, the winner of the 4th annual Loewe Craft Foundation Prize receives €50,000.

Check out the winning piece alongside other stunning works at the virtual Loewe Craft Foundation Prize Exhibit.

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