Explore the Savoir Faire Behind Maria Grazia Chirui’s Take on the Bar Jacket for Dior Pre-Fall 2021

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“Madame Bricard is one of those people…increasingly rare, who make elegance their sole raison d’être. Gazing at life out of the windows of the Ritz, so to speak, she is superbly indifferent to such mundane concerns as politics, finance or social change” Christian Dior writes of his muse Mitzah “Mizza” Bricard.

Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri paid homage to Monsieur Dior’s muse Madame Bricard, with the sensuous Bar Jacket inspired by her love of the feline for the latest Pre-Fall 2021 collection. The beloved single-breasted jacket first introduced in Dior’s New Look continues its timeless legacy. The high-up slanted waist which accentuate the hips with functional pockets is architecturally crafted with only one piece of silk fabric in a unique leopard print coined the “Mizza.” The jacket consists of a printed warp threads for a dramatic effect instead of one solid color.

As a fashionable Parisienne, Bricard’s go to looks included pearls, hats, and the leopard print. Her manner of dress, behavior, and speech inspired the elegance at the house as Dior had a close friendship with her. Bricard was one of Dior’s closest collaborators, muses, and head of millinery at the maison. It’s said Bricard coined the phrase “Miss Dior” which became the name of Dior’s fragrance and makeup line. Bricard famously worked with Dior to develop the “Jungle” print on his dresses to elevate the print to sophistication instead of the print’s association with day wear at the time.

“To wear leopard you must have a kind of femininity which is a little bit sophisticated. If you are fair and sweet, don’t wear it.” Dior once said.

The leopard skin was fantasized in the 18th century Europe through brocade fabrication but it hit maximum popularity and elegance when Dior made it so. Under Chiuri, the jacket has a new savoir faire edge with the “CHRISTIAN DIOR” statement borders the back of the jacket. No one will be asking you who you are wearing.

Bricard’s legacy will always be remembered through her touch of leopard which changed fashion as we know it.

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