Crochet is Having a Summer Moment

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Get out your old crochet hooks and colorful yarn. It’s time to get crafty. Summer 2021 is all about harnessing nostalgia and injecting vibrancy into a post-pandemic fashion landscape. Crochet is multi-tasking and taking the style world by storm. Rainbow color palettes coupled with silhouettes reminiscent of childhood hand-me-downs result in the trend of the season.

From kitschy hats to modish three-piece sets, crochet has seemingly found its way onto every possible item as an embellishment or main event. Classic granny squares adorn tote bags and mini dresses, while bralettes with the knitting method scream Coachella 2016. Swimwear, evening, and accessories—nothing has been left untouched. Repping the style are all of Gen Z’s fashion icons. Bella Hadid and Ella Emhoff have pioneered the crochet resurgence, donning homemade and designer pieces alike.

Memorial Day, a rising Instagram crochet label, dressed the models in two recent social media posts. With such high-profile features, the brand is hardly able to stock up the rising demand.

Navigating a crochet shortage is no issue for Ella Emhoff and various crafty Instagram models, as the trend can be replicated with a timeless D.I.Y. project. Youtube and TikTok are bursting with tutorials for making just about any design in the style.

A multitude of designer houses have taken note of the social media obsession and taken their own swing at crochet. Chanel took a more subtle route with a light crochet embellishment on their classic flap bag, while Valentino went all-out with a crochet purse and matching swimsuits.

Marc Jacobs’ new wildly popular teen brand, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, played into the hat silhouette with a fun pink & orange crochet piece. Lil Uzi Vert modeled the look for their product launch campaign.

With a similar striped hat design, Missoni released their own crochet pieces as well. All of which go perfectly with Bottega Veneta’s island-hopping ready crochet pouch. Who wouldn’t want to wear these pieces in the Greek islands or along the Amalfi coast? Perfect summer daydream.

As for the runway, crochet made its way across some of our favorite Spring/Summer 2021 shows. Acne Studios managed to sneak the design method into almost every look, layering it beneath sheer pieces and flowing skirts. As opposed to presenting full head-to-toe crochet looks, the label opted for subtle hints and accents.

Fendi played around with crochet in their Spring/Summer 2021 show as well, featuring a similar sheer and crochet layering tactic. Monochromatic designs with the style provided an elegant touch to the more casual fabric style.

Undeniably the most summery of materials, crochet has us anticipating summer all the more fervently. Easily breathable, automatically fun, and wearable for just about any location, crochet covers all of our mood boards for the season. Do yourself a favor and give your grandma a call, summer’s only a few weeks away. Start crochet hooking now.

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