Burberry Celebrates 6 Emerging Artists with Colorxstudios Partnership

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Burberry has announced that they will be partnering with Colorxstudios, a music performance platform that focuses on spotlighting up-and-coming young artists and creatives. In the Burberry spirit of amplifying diverse voices that reflect the unique communities they originate from, six artists will be showcased: Esty, Maria Isabel, Q, Reggie, Serpentwithfeet, and Smino. Each were chosen for how they collectively represent a wide range of next-generation creatives from a variety of hometowns, backgrounds, and genres. Burberry has pledged to donate in the artists’ names to community and youth-focused arts charities of their choosing.

Colors is known for their distinctive visual trademarks clean fonts, occasionally a singular ceiling-suspended mic, and always a wash of optimistic color that visually represents each artist’s unique energy as the background. Based on their digital presence alone, it’s clear that the clean, vibrant Colors aesthetic serves to draw focus to the artist’s voice whether they are singing, rapping, or performing spoken word pieces. The performance art crosses genre, language, and cultural barriers, a tribute to the platform’s values of freedom of expression, community without borders and the amplification of unique, upcoming talent.

Each Burberry x Colors emerging artist will perform in that space for their respective video installment, dressed in Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection and filmed in the distinctively minimalist style that Colors (and their 5.44M YouTube subscriber base) loves. Regarding the collection, Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci has said that he was inspired by “a love affair between a mermaid and a shark, set against the ocean, then brought to land” and quipped that he “made blue the new beige,” in reference to Burberry’s trademark trench.

The first Colors x Burberry video is out as of 29 March 2021. More videos will continue to be revealed biweekly through May 2021 and can be streamed on Burberry.com as well as the Colorxstudios YouTube channel.

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