Loewe Launches A New Bag To Save The Elephants

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Loewe must have a very long to-do list.

The luxury brand has a track record of championing sustainability, supporting wildlife, and encouraging ecofriendliness, alongside their work in fashion.

In their annual collaboration with wildlife campaign Knot On My Planet, Loewe is releasing a handbag made to save the elephants. The Elephant Bag is made in traditional Shuka, a vibrant checkered fabric typically used by Kenyan Maasai Tribes to make shawls.

The featured tasseled strap is handcrafted by women in Kenya’s Samburu Trust. The colors of the traditional textile represent the Samburu people’s connection to their own environment: red for the blood of cattle, blue for the sky, and white for their cows’ milk.

With only 300 editions, the Elephant Bag will launch exclusively March 25th, 2021 on Loewe and on MyTheresa.com. One hundred percent of the bags’ sales proceeds will be donated to the Elephant Crisis Fund.

Check out the video below to see the making of the Elephant Bag in action.

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