Burberry SS21 Campaigns in the Great Outdoors

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Once upon a time, a mermaid fell in love with a shark. From that union, a collection was born.

That would be the story of Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, In Bloom, inspired by the romantic and slightly unsettling myth.

Photographed by Juergen Teller, the campaign features an intentional tension between the indoors and the outdoors. Models in crisply tailored suits are seen in studio while others are immersed in the forest. Burberry reinterprets one of the most classic conflicts anywhere in fiction, man vs. nature, and turns it into fashion vs. nature.

And in this contrast, we can see that these two elements are not as opposed as they appear.

Tischi explains, “This campaign is all about continuing that examination of different perspectives, contrasting the rawness of the internal environment with the ever-blooming nature of the outdoors.”

This idea of duality is mirrored in the reimagination of the classic Burberry design – there are hints of natural canvas and denim to support the refinement of chiffon and embroidery.

The classic Burberry trench, so famous that Nicki Minaj referenced one in a song, is redone with cutouts and denim jacket detailing. We can even still see references to Tischi’s original aquatic love story, shark fin motifs appear on men’s outerwear and deep, watery blues appear across the rest of the collection.

Also noteworthy is The Pocket Bag collection reexplored in new silhouettes with the same classic cut-out detailing.

Burberry gets that all love stories are worth telling; whether between a mermaid or a shark or between the great outdoors and the familiar indoors that we know so well.

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