Every Look from Dior Pre-Fall 2021

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In a time of what feels like constant darkness, Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri adds some much needed color and vibrancy to the new year for the house’s latest Pre-Fall 2021 collection. The creative process for the collection began with analyzing the close relationship between Christian Dior and Mizza Bricard. As a muse and collaborator of the house, the new collection remixes some of Bricard’s favorite pieces, including her iconic leopard prints. Like Bricard’s own style, the collection takes on a Pop attitude taking inspiration from aesthetics across all disciplines aligning with Pop movements, like designer Elio Fiorucci, Andy Warhol, and K-pop sensation, Blackpink.

In terms of the looks, a sense of the house’s sophisticated Parisian chic is maintained while incorporating a new age modernism and energy. Dior’s classic Bar jacket, nipped-waists, and veiled berets are met with iridescent sequins, tie-dye lace, and PVC trench coats creating a collection that exudes transgenerational style. Conjoining old and new, Chuiri has captured the colorful spirit of a generation while honoring a heritage of great style. Captured in a mix of multicolor Polaroid shots and a lookbook by acclaimed photographer Brigitte Niedermair, click through to see all the looks from Dior Pre-Fall 2021.

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