Inside Acne Studios’ New Scandinavian Headquarters

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Swedish fashion label Acne Studios has announced the opening of a new headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden today. Named after the street on which it is located, Floragatan 13 seeks to represent the essence of the brand’s Scandinavian identity. In collaboration with Creative Director Jonny Johansson, Johannes Norlander Arkitektur, and the Acne Studios design team, the space promotes the brand’s core drive (and it’s original acronymic name): Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.

The building, which formerly housed the Czechoslovakian Embassy, was designed by Czech architect Jan Bočan and completed in 1972. The Brutalist architecture, mixed with contrasting design elements that Acne Studios commissioned for the space, honor the modern character of brand as it celebrates its 20th year. Taking pride in its work, an open plan lobby displays Acne Studios creations in the same likeness as an art gallery. Above, four design and production floors are at the core of the building, while social spaces have been incorporated throughout its layout to foster cross-department collaboration.

The newly restored space will feature the work of various artists including Max Lamb, Daniel Silver, and Benoit Lalloz. With custom stone furniture, abstract collages from surplus textiles, and lighting fixtures in the brand’s signature pink color, this collaborative effort culminates in a new headquarters made to maximize Acne’s creative footprint.

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