Courrèges Steps Into the Future

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We knew that season one for Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant would resonate with fashion editors and today’s audience—a sea of vinyl jackets—gave solid confirmation. The sophomore collection for Courrèges which, as the designers promised us last season, presented building blocks for a new foundation at the house. What that looks like is a clear extension of last season plus the introduction of new soon-to-be editor’s picks like jumpsuits, hooded bombers, and outerwear that’s actually warm. What was also made clear today is that Meyer and Vaillant seem to be in complete harmony with the legacy of André Courrèges despite being accustomed to the freedoms of their former self-run label, Coperni. They’ve honored him with enlarged logos on their new vinyl jackets and their overall strategy appears to be churning out modern versions of the house’s classics combined with their own ideas of wardrobe staples. Though, in this case, the word “staple” should not be mistaken for mundane.

Nothing about the revival that they’ve begun to cultivate is boring, especially when it comes to the introduction of wearable tech for Fall 2016—a few pieces of the collection will be offered with what they’re calling a “warm up connected option.” Different from other heat retaining fabrics, you can raise the temperature of these items at your own discretion by simply clicking a button.The team proposes, “who never dreamed of being warm in the winter? We commit to have Courrèges enter a new era. An era where the garment will come alive.” This also mirrors the futuristic spirit and codes put into place by the house’s original founder.

Even when it comes to their non-heated items, practicality is what always appears to be at stake. None of the looks are overly styled; like last season, several pieces were shown as separates like a jacket over a body suit worn with sneakers, but without any bottoms. But to pull this off, innate style is a prerequisite, which is probably the kind of smart dresser that the designers are after. “What we want isn’t only to just buy a garment, but to be aware of what to do with it,” the show notes informed. The garment has to be an experiment. We believe it is possible to create a new fashion. A fashion right, for now.”

The designers concluded today by announcing that their concern is with what’s ready-to-live instead of what’s ready-to-wear. With that came a promise that one third of their Fall Winter 2016 collection will be made available directly after we see it. We’re with Courrèges on this one—the future of fashion is coming whether we’re ready to wear it or not.

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