Découpages of a Dream

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All of the beach chairs from Simon Porte’s last spring show have been packed away; This year, the Jacquemus girl is not bound for the south of France. Her bronzed skin and striped dress collection is replaced with a solemn face and solids.

But before we set eyes on the first looks of Porte’s ‘Le Nez Rouge’ collection, a child (about 7 or 8 years old) dressed only in a man’s white dress shirt rolled a giant ball of red fabric onto a stark, dark circus ring-shaped runway. The child appeared again mid-show wearing the same shirt paired with gigantic red tie that he dragged across the runway, tripping over it more than once. That wasn’t it for the theatrics though; as you’ve likely already seen on Instagram, Simon Porte himself walked in the show pulling a tame white horse.

The collection itself was decoupage-like in construction and in some ways a continuation of Fall. Youthfulness seems to be a constant point of fascination for the designer. He repeated the another one-legged pant concept and, also like last season, some of the pieces, though not quite sexy, couldn’t have more revealing.

Aside from that, much of the collection was completely wearable as demonstrated by Jacquemus’ beautiful, but very real cast of models. Luckily for them, the show’s allusion to “the red nose” didn’t extend to the makeup; however, the messy hair did suggest a case of minor depression. Overall though, we think that the Jacquemus girl looks cool all the time—suntanned or pale, happy or sad.

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