We’ll Take Manhattan

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From the shopkeeper at your local bodega to the the driver of the last cab you took, or the person you see but never speak to on your morning commute, every person’s New York is full of instantly recognizable characters that could only ever exist in the city. You may not notice these characters for their perfectly manicured beauty or their freshly starched collar—and they may not notice you for those things either—but there’s something about the way they carry themselves, and their style, that is unlike a resident from anywhere else.

These repeat characters—and the new ones that are always popping up—can make the same block you walk everyday feel like a new discovery. So for our Fall 2015 accessories story, we interrupted a handful of local residents, schoolgirls, and workmen in the midst of their day. You’ll see this season’s best handbags enter the lives of real New York—Fendi’s Peekaboo bag visited a construction site, Miu Miu is considering whether or not to get takeout, and Hermès’ Bolide Secret take the dogs for a walk, thus proving the theory about our city that we’ve had all along: style is everywhere.

Photographs Timothy Nazzaro, Styling Sheena Smith, Casting Salome Oggenfuss

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