Sies Marjan Reveals a New Photoshoot and an Early Delivery of Fall

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This week, Sies Marjan has released an editorial featuring its Fall 2017 collection. Some of the looks have already appeared on the runway, while others are shown here for the first time as part of an early delivery.

The house’s creative director Sander Lak often works with collaborators throughout the development of each season. Last Spring, Lak worked with fine art photographer Nigel Shafran to photograph intimate photos of some of his close friends wearing the collection.

For this coming Fall, Lak has teamed up on a more spontaneous project with photographer Roe Ethridge and stylist Marie Chaix. The imagery was taken prior to the collection’s runway show last February. “It happened pretty organically,” Lak reported while on set for another shoot. “I love his projects with Marie, and we wanted him to document the process of our styling sessions in an editorial way as we were going along—no makeup, no distractions—just to see how things look outside of ‪the showroom/styling context, on great girls with an amazing photographer. A lot of what we did on that shoot ended up dictating what happened on the runway.” The designer sites these projects as a way for him to document his process as it unfolds.

As far as that process goes, Lak’s is an interesting one—he no longer works with a theme or muse, and says that he has not done a single sketch since starting Sies Marjan. “After years and years of working in that way—thinking of a theme, finding inspiration, sketching, and then making—I felt like I wanted to break that mold and challenge myself. We don’t talk about themes, we make clothes, we buy clothes and work with them. We talk about color a lot and about how colors feel. It’s almost as if color is our method of theme and creating.”

It’s not all about tapping into feelings though; there’s a practical force that drives a Sies Marjan collection towards completion: deadlines. “Rather than starting with a specific inspiration, we start with deadlines and see how we can create clothes to meet those deadlines. The first step is deciding on the color card so we can order fabrics and then we have to work on knitwear and shoes and only after that the actual collection evolves and develops from that point. This way we are not limited by a theme or a specific look. I love to keep it all as organic and open as possible.” Flipping through the Sies Marjan color palette instantly reshapes your mood—get on the same page with hot pink, muted greens, pastels, and burnt browns for Fall.

The early delivery of Sies Marjan’s Fall collection is available now at barneys.com and matches.com.

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