The Strangest Vintage Recipes To Set The Mood For Valentine’s Day


As a society obsessed with cooking videos, recipes of the month (hello banana bread), and food selfies we’ve all become self-certified gourmands in the art of cooking, or at least critiquing. While our food today has evolved into some of the most flavorsome and diverse, we have to admit it is far from the creative experimentations from the past. Open up a cookbook dating anywhere from the ’50s to ’70s and there is sure to be more than a few questionable, over the top creations. In a time where gelatin molds and canned food were all the rage, households prepared for holidays feasts and dinner parties by designing outlandish designs meant to impress. With Jell-O and leftovers often serving as a base for these recipes, the results were truly bizarre and most of the time horrifying. Our elders were truly crazy with some of these food combinations but maybe they were onto something? The generation before us unapologetically experimented with their food, bringing color and innovation to a muted time period.

Is it about time these culinary traditions resurfaced? With our palettes falling victim to our own home cooking, lets face it, as the months have passed our daily meals have become more and more unenjoyable, we might as well look to the kitchen to add some taste back in our lives, bad or not. With the Valentine’s Day holiday fast approaching, now is the perfect time to dabble in the art of food decorating and weird food combinations. We’re serving up everything but the sexism in these twenty nine vintage recipes.

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