Rug Tufting is TikTok’s Latest Craze

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TikTok, the social platform that continues to call the shots for every industry, seems to run through trends by the minute. A simple fifteen second video can lead to product sell-outs in just mere hours. And the latest viral fad consuming the app? Creating your own rugs.

Clearly, Gen-Z is getting a bit stir-crazy at home, but the results are fabulous. While you may be picturing tedious yarn looping and factory-grade looms, the rug tufting process is really quite easy. Leading the trend is the wildly popular account and business, Euphoric Supply. Created by a 23 year-old named Julian Armstrong, the company has been making waves in the teaching and selling of DIY rugs.

Armstrong explains how to create a rug of any design through the following steps: 1. project an image of your design onto a large piece of fabric, 2. trace the design with a marker, 3. use a “rug gun,” which he sells himself, to fill in the projected image with yarn, 4. spread “rug compound” on the back to seal the yarn. After just a few seconds of watching his video, we were immediately hooked and suddenly in the mood to make a stylish bathmat.

Joining us in the rug-tufting addiction are many members of the TikTok community, each creating a more unique design than the next. Video game creatures, mushrooms, Y2k Polly-Pocket-esque aesthetics, and even Keith Haring inspired rugs are dominating all forms of social media.

Retro, nostalgic crafting seems to seep its way into everything these days. Bedazzlers, tie-dying, macrame, and beading all made it onto Gen-Z’s quarantine agenda, so it was only a matter of time until rug-making experienced its own resurgence. Now, countless TikTok accounts are devoted to the creation of rugs, and the creation of rugs only.

Perhaps the obsession with rug-tufting can be blamed on social media’s long standing affinity for all things satisfying. Is rug tufting the “slimeof 2021?

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