North West, Riccardo Tisci, Irina Shayk and More on Creating a Better Tomorrow

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We’re living in an unprecedented age, one that is complex, confusing, and leaves us with more questions than answers. But this singularly bizarre period has provided us with an opportunity to slow down, think, and take stock of what really matters to us. And so we asked CR’s closest friends and collaborators about their hopes for the future, and how they want the world to change for the better.

Halima Aden

“My hope for the world is that one day we will get to a place where there is no need for organizations like UNICEF because every child, in every corner of the world, will have access to basic needs, such as education, food, clean water, a stable family life, and healthcare. But until then, we must fully commit our support to UNICEF as they work day in and day out to provide for and protect the world’s most vulnerable children.”

Tom Ford

“I would like for the world to rediscover love, and civility. And to once and for all put an end to racial bias. We are one people and we all inhabit the same planet and we waste so much time with hate and anger. Our culture has become so negative. We rip each other apart for sport. We are cynical, and sarcastic, and cruel to each other. We need to support each other, realize that everyone on the planet suffers in their own way, and all try to ease the pain of our fellow man.”

Paris Jackson

“We need to think of ourselves as allies with the Earth, as opposed to being separate from its resources. Such actions must take place in an environment where our differences are honored, but unity is the priority. The world can only change for the better if we truly, actively, and passionately turn away from conflict. I want to be part of a world where we simply treat each other with fundamental decency.”

Mei Kawajiri

“Don’t try too hard. Create something with a message.”

Irina Shayk

“I hope that this year has given everyone time to look inward and reflect. The world is so fast-paced, and seems to only get faster. I hope this period has been an opening for everyone to take better care of themselves, and therefore others.”

Joan Smalls

“I want the world to be more considerate and conscious, for us to be loving towards one another, and for there to be equality and justice for all.”

Mario Sorrenti

“I’m hopeful for us to treat each other with love and respect, kindness and equality. To treat all living things as we would like to be treated. Uplift and inspire. Keep loving, keep growing as one.”

Lara Stone

“Not sure how to fix the world. Maybe if we stop being assholes.”

Riccardo Tisci

“Today, everything is so available and easily accessible, which is of course convenient, but I miss the old ways of working when I first started my career. Although technology can offer us so many things, I feel that it is affecting humanity and our perspective on the reality of life but I truly believe in renaissance and in change for the better in a world that is more open-minded.”

North West

“I would make everybody love each other and make the coronavirus go away and make everyone have more dogs.”

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