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Perhaps best known for her light-as-a-feather gold hoops, Jennifer Fisher is the stylist-turned-jewelry designer that celebrities just can’t seem to stop wearing. From Hailey Bieber and Rihanna, to Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama, it’s often you’ll spot Fisher’s accessories pictured artfully dangling on an arm or an ear of top A-listers. After 15 years leading her eponymous line, Fisher’s coveted pieces aim for a minimalist approach to maximal style. How she does it? The jewelry maven has a simple rule of thumb when it comes to her eye for design–timeless pieces that work seamlessly with pretty much everything.

This rings particularly true for Fisher’s latest big venture, a design collaboration with CB2, Crate and Barrel’s modern younger sister retailer, launching today. The collection of sleek furniture and home accessories came together organically when Fisher was first introduced to CB2 president Ryan Turf by a mutual friend. “They had never collaborated with a jewelry brand before and I’ve always been a CB2 customer. It just made sense” Fisher tells CR. “I wanted to create a collection that felt like my jewelry. Pieces that are universal, timeless things that work in anyone’s home. Things where you could buy one piece, you could buy the whole thing, or you could mix with things you have.”

In terms of aesthetics, Fisher wanted the collection to appear comparable to her own line without feeling “overly-designed.” “Nothing in the collection feels like I just put jewelry onto things. I was really trying to be thoughtful of other people’s design aesthetic, other people’s personal style,” she says. “I wanted everything to be neutral, muted tones–things that really felt timeless. Like a simple piece of gold jewelry: something that’s very clean and minimal, something that you can wear season to season.” Designed for ease of use, the pieces are intended to work in both formal and casual settings, so there’s a little something for everyone depending on your personal taste.

Ranging from large scale items like dining tables to smaller pieces like glassware, each component of the collection was designed with a purpose in mind. Fisher highlights a martini glass she created with a lip to solve spillage. “If you’re walking around at a party and you go to sit down it doesn’t slide down your arm, and it actually works,” the designer explains. “Pieces like that, super simple things we all need.” Others, like a black marble top ping pong table that doubles as a dining table or a money bag-shaped doorstop, aren’t exactly necessities, but with Fisher’s elevated design are definitely purchases we can justify.

Whether entertaining adults or children, Fisher considered a range of lifestyles when creating the collection. “Because Ryan and I are both parents, it was important for us when doing the furniture to use a very durable performance fabric on the upholstered pieces, so don’t be scared of the white couches,” Fisher says. Small family-friendly details like performance fabric and rounded corners ensure functional pieces without sacrificing any style. “I sat on my Chill Chaise last night and it’s really comfortable. Both my kids were hanging out on it, and my dog too.”

“I think people sort of expect, me being a jewelry designer, that the collection would be very metal-driven,” Fisher says. “But that’s the polar opposite of what I wanted to do.” She notes straying from bright metals so the collection had its own flair outside of her jewelry line. Instead, Fisher opted for champagne finishes, a mid-way between silver and gold to fit to whatever home it’s placed in. “Essentially, we took the aesthetic of how I like to live in my home, which is pretty minimal and monochromatic, and it can work for anybody.”

Like a great pair of gold hoops, Fisher’s clean and cool interior designs flow seamlessly between spaces and styles to perfectly accent the home. The streamlined pieces adapt to all tastes delivering practical, no-fuss interiors that grow with you and your domain. Great jewelry pieces are made to withstand the test of time, so why can’t furniture do the same?

The Jennifer Fisher X CB2 collection is now available for purchase on and in CB2 stores.

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