Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Want to be Called an Activist

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Aside from her career as an actress, model, and business-owner, Emily Ratajkowski is also an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and isn’t afraid to get political. Making a guest appearance on writer and filmmaker Michael Moore’s podcast “Rumble with Michael Moore,” released earlier today, Ratajkowski opens up about about progress, power, and the patriarchy, in addition to who she’ll be voting for president in 2020.

In the hour-long episode “Centerism Kills. Misogyny Does Too,” Moore (who Ratajkowski called a childhood hero of hers) introduces Ratajkowski with her multihyphenate career titles and as a ‘citizen’ rather than activist. “I always have an issue with the word ‘activist’ as well” Ratajkowski says. “…For me it’s not a question of being an activist. It’s just being a person who exists in this time period. How can I not care about these things and talk about them?”

But by definition she is an activist. With over 25 million Instagram followers, Ratajkowski uses her platform to throw up thirst traps alongside social and political commentary–and she questions the critics who have expressed that doing the former invalidates the latter. She often discusses the position of the female body in the body politic, especially as it’s been simultaneously sexualized and censored.

Her actions have also reflected her rhetoric. A month ago, Ratajkowski showed support for the Time’s Up movement by writing “Fuck Harvey” in Sharpie on her arm on the day of the disgraced producer’s million civil suit settlement. In August 2019, she grew out her armpit hair and wrote an essay that examined her female identity and questioned what parts of her are products of the misogynistic culture we live in. She was even arrested during a Washington D.C. protest over Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination in 2018. During her conversation with Moore, Ratajkowski touches on these events and also hints that she’ll soon be sharing more about her experiences as a woman in the entertainment industry.

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