Luxe Beauty Products With Beautiful Packaging


We’re taught to never judge a book by its cover, but when you have a highlighter compact that straight-up looks like jewelry or a jar of foundation that could double as some mystical gemstone, it makes it that much harder not to do the complete opposite. And while sub-par packaging is not at all a measurement of how good a product is, there’s something miraculous—and just plain exciting—about finding one that’s as beautiful on the outside as it is revolutionary on the inside. Luckily, we found 12 of them: luxe beauty products (with stellar formulas) boxed in equally luxe packaging that you’ll want to treasure forever, making it a win-win for your skin and for your vanity (the only sucker might be your wallet).

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createdAt:Mon, 18 Jun 2018 22:53:07 +0000