How Micellar Water Became the It-Beauty Product


Of all the French girl beauty secrets, micellar water may just be the best reveal of them all. The French pharmacie staple has been used for decades, reportedly invented to help Parisian women counteract the harsh effects of the region’s tap water. Made up of microscopic spheres called micelles suspended in soft water, it acts like a magnet to attract dirt, oil, and grime without stripping the skin like traditional soaps and cleansers.

Light and gentle, micellar water removes makeup, cleanse, and tone with just a few swipes of a cotton pad—and it doesn’t require water to rinse off. It’s long been a regular backstage at fashion week, spotted in every makeup artist’s kit, achieving cult-level status with models and actresses alike before its stateside debut a few years back. And now, the magic of micellar water technology has been channeled into nearly every beauty category, expanding from cleansers to makeup wipes to eye makeup removers and even to hair products. Here are some of our favorites.

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