Dior’s Peter Philips Envisions Pandemic Era Beauty

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“Makeup and the application of makeup almost becomes more luxurious, because it’s more precious,” explains Peter Philips of the current quagmire we find ourselves in. The global pandemic has meant less leaving our homes and less opportunity for celebration, while the mandatory need for masks has made for less facial real estate to play with, rendering makeup a tricky step to incorporate into our new routines, if we have any. But Philips, the beauty visionary and Creative and Image Director of Christian Dior Makeup, offers some solutions.

“Ok, you have to wear the mask, so it’s a practical problem. But it’s only a problem when you make it a problem,” he says. “You can do gorgeous eye makeup, beautiful eyebrows — you can make it look interesting, you can wear that lipstick and that highlight for a Zoom meeting with a good light because you want to show yourself at your best.” Philips teamed up with CR’s co-creative director Carine Roitfeld and photographer Brigitte Niedermair for a series that turns the mask into art. Using bursts of color courtesy of Dior Rouge lipstick and graphic statements above the eyes, this series comments on our current global context with flair. “It’s about a new representation of the face,” says Philips. “We have this mask but what’s underneath? What do you want to cover up?”

His work serves as a reminder in the importance of putting yourself together, even if you may be the only person to see. “You want to make an impression when you can, even at home. The moments when you are able to wear makeup are even more powerful now because they are even more rare.”




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