What to Wear When Exploring Yosemite National Park


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What began as a day to celebrate the environment in 1970 has become one of the biggest secular holidays in the world, with nearly 200 different countries recognizing Earth Day. And though environmental-focused events take place across the globe annually, the holiday feels particularly relevant this year, what with the impacts of climate change being felt around the globe and the loosening of environmental regulations under our current administration. In other words, there’s no better time to pay attention to the world’s land, air, water, and wildlife.

Rather than perusing Earth Day-themed shopping guides, why not embark on a journey—a green one, of course—to pay homage to nature’s splendors in real life? Though there are plenty of scenic national parks to choose from, but the Sierra Nevada region in Central California, otherwise known as Yosemite, offers a lush medley of biodiversity, waterfalls, glaciers, meadows, sequoia groves, lakes, and more. (Almost 800,000 acres, in fact.) The wonders of the World Heritage site have made it a popular site for films such as The Last of the Mohicans, Maverick, and Star Trek as well as a must-see destination for important historical figures like Barack Obama, Oprah, Theodore Roosevelt, and Queen Elizabeth II. Below, find CR’s favorite eco-friendly items to take with you when marveling at the Earth’s grandeur.

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