A Look Into the Exquisite World of Chanel Couture


In an industry in which designers work on five to six collections simultaneously, sometimes all we need to do is slow down and dig into the details. From hand-stitched linings, embellishments, and pearls, which can take thousands of hours to bring to life, Haute Couture remains a go-to and no one does couture quite like Chanel.

In the newly released book from Rizzoli, Women of Singular Beauty: Chanel Haute Couture, photographer Cathleen Naundorf captures the world of Chanel couture, from the top of the gold coated staircase of Le Grand Palais (Karl Lagerfeld’s setting for a majority of Chanel runway shows), to the window nook in Coco Chanel’s Rue Cambon apartment.

Below, CR takes a look at some of the Naundorf’s most haunting, haute, moments.

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