All the Times Designers Drew Inspiration From Religion


Even though the Costume Institute of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s upcoming must-see, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” an exploration of Catholicism in fashion, has been endorsed by the Vatican, with 50 garments and accessories on loan from the city itself (to be displayed next to religious art and 150 Catholic-inspired designer pieces), that hasn’t stopped it from being called out as possibly one of the museum’s most provocative and controversial exhibits to date. “We know it could be controversial for right wing or conservative Catholics and for liberal Catholics,” Andrew Bolton explained. “There will always be viewers who want to reduce it to a political polemic.” Because, like most highly sensitive subjects, discussions about religion can be incredibly difficult, the fashion world has—for the most part—steered clear of the topic with the exception of a few. And so, just ahead of the themed-Met Ball and the exhibit’s opening, CR looks back at all the times designers have taken inspiration from religion, from literal takes to figurative interpretations.

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