Louis Vuitton Docked in Tokyo for a Second Spring/Summer 2021 Men’s Show

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Louis Vuitton converted yet another port of call, Tokyo, into a catwalk for its second Men’s Spring/Summer 2021 show. The collection’s arrival to the Japanese capital yesterday follows its debut in Shanghai, where Men’s Artistic Director Virgil Abloh unveiled the whimsical world of the Zoooom with friends characters. The reiteration of the collection, titled Message in a Bottle, reflected the brand’s desire for inclusivity and unity while challenging spectators to tap into their imagination.

Fifty-nine new looks were tacked onto the Tokyo show, adding to an already hypnotic and youthful collection. Its introduction was coupled with messages of surrealism. “The collection proposes an alternative to rationalism,” Abloh said. “In order to break the chain–to achieve the impossible–the mind must journey into the subconscious and cross the borders of reason.”

Alongside fantastical thoughts also stemmed the creative director’s inspiration from historical cross-cultural exchanges and his Ghanian roots. Abloh’s hereditary ties parallel ska music and Kente cloth, which were presented in several modern, Louis Vuitton-infused interpretations.

The runway was enveloped by towering balloon figures and branded cargo containers, alluding to childlike creativity and multicultural influence. Expertly tailored suits and streetwear were intermingled through a primary color palette and plush animal attachments as the 119 piece collection was revealed. In a time of confinement and digital deluge, the collection reminds us that our minds can still wander.

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