Aries and Hillier Bartley Drop Jewelry Capsule Collection

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Streetwear brand Aries and London-based luxury label Hillier Bartley teamed up for a limited-edition jewelry charm collaboration, launching globally today. The new capsule collection–which marks the brands’ second collaboration–includes seven unique insignia to adorn Hillier Bartley’s signature 14-karat gold plated paper clip earring or a co-branded gold chain necklace.

The charms consist of iconography from both labels, with trademark emblems including the Aries Roman column, ring pull, phallus, throwing star, pentagram, key, and the co-branded Aries temple featuring the Hillier Bartley bunny.

Along with their collaboration, Aries and Hillier Bartley welcomed students from City and Islington College to a multidisciplinary project-based arts workshop in the beginning of this year. The program included subjects like branding, product development, fashion communication, art, and photography. The young creatives were granted the opportunity to build their very own pieces of jewelry with found objects mixed with Aries x Hillier Bartley charms. Final projects were presented in a plethora of formats such as paintings, clothing, graphic designs, films, accessories, and more.

“We were all moved by the students’ enthusiasm, confidence, and hard work,” Aries Founder Sofia Prantera said. “The result is a beautiful portrayal of a multicultural yet homogenous London youth.”

Aries collaborator and photographer Clare Shilland captured the students both candidly at work and in campaign portraits for the jewelry collection. The images will be composed within a book arranged by art director Johnny Lu and in a short film directed by Jeremy Pollard.

The Aries x Hillier Bartley collection is now available on and

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