Behind the Scenes at Altuzarra Fall 2016

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Indian paisleys, Venetian pearls, and Moroccan and Turkish folkloric costumes were all part of Altuzarra’s eclectic mix at tonight’s show. Ideas were pulled from different time periods and different worlds that completely clash, but what a beautiful clash this was! It was clear that the designer is giving the loyal Altuzarra woman a wardrobe for an exciting new chapter in her life.

“Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Only Lovers Left Alive,’ and the rich patchworked world that the central characters inhabit was the starting point of this collection. I wanted to be free to follow my curiosity about the world we live in, and weave a tapestry of references and stories into this collection. I also wanted this to speak to women who I knew, and the reality of their lives.” Joseph Altuzarra’s notes explained.

Some signature side slit skirts were peeking through and the paisley prints called back to Altuzarra’s signature femininity, but the cornerstones of the house took on a new attitude. The darker palette is the complete opposite of last Fall’s pastels. In our minds, the takeaway is that Joseph’s new woman has been empowered. She’s putting some (but, not all) of her ladylike tendencies to rest and she’s zeroing in on her individuality.

This collection also builds upon the strong outerwear component that the house has maintained, adding some irresistible shearling options like the oversize striped one worn by Lineisy Monteiro and the cropped version that opened the show. And then there was the silk jacquard boots…our friends at the house are likely already anticipating our order for a pair.

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