Love is in the Air

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Rodarte’s whimsical set design is always an indication of where Laura and Kate Mulleavy are planning to take us. This time, single flowers were sparsely sprinkled throughout piles of dirt. This set the stage for the series of long, but not floor length, dresses that were a lot like those planted flowers—each one a diamond in the rough.

Heavy on the ruffles, tulle, and lace, the focus this season was on formal evening wear with outerwear to match, which was a departure from the casual feel of recent collections. This season also marks the introduction of a bridal category which, given the romantic and frilly nature of Rodarte’s signature, is a smart move. Two veiled brides were posted on either side of the set for almost the entire show—one in traditional white and the other more akin to a corpse bride in all black. Brides-to-be will probably lean towards the first option, a wise choice given the lack of options in the market for those willing to take more of a risk.

Wedding bells or not, romance was in the air at Rodarte, but that’s not to say that it came without a dark twist. There were just as many black lace numbers as there were white ones, brilliantly mixing risqué elements like fishnets with soft ruffles. One standout was look four on model Shaughnessy Brown with killer full length gloves. The takeaway? A woman with a dark side can be just as romantic as any. Or, it could be that love is for everyone.

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