Champagne Accessories to Add On To Your Holiday Party Checklist


While holiday activities can be triggering at best, few things scream hurrah more than a cork bursting off a bottle of Champagne. Brilliant, bold, and—as some might would even say—hope-inspiring, a flute of bubbly signals not only celebrations of time past but also ambitions for those to come. In fact, the performative tradition of popping bottles at the stroke of midnight derives from 16th century Europe. At that time, only aristocrats could afford the sparkling wine, so the rest of the world would save up throughout the entire year to enjoy a glass at its conclusion. Fast forward to today where a bubbly-fueled happy hour is as common as the post-work session itself. As we prepare for another countdown—this, the end of a decade—here are some lavish add-ons to make this year’s toast especially special.

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