Show Mom Some Love With Louis Vuitton’s Customizable E-Cards

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Mother’s Day–the holiday devoted to the best friend, the number one fan, the one who always manages to find what you’ve lost–may look a little different this year, but a Louis Vuitton e-card surely adds a festive touch. Launching #WeLVMoms, the luxury label is unveiling its first-ever customizable e-card that’s perfect for those who want to remind their mamas how much they appreciate them.

Pick your “stationary,” write a personalized note, and then decorate with LV-themed patches. The stickers include plenty of choices, including the classic Speedy, a bottle of perfume, a monogrammed trunk full of flowers, a flaming candle, and much more. While the e-cards are complimentary, Louis Vuitton has also curated a special Mother’s Day essentials collection for those that want to find a gift to accompany the digital note.

The #WeLVMoms e-cards are now available online.

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