Why Improving Your Home Will Improve Your Life

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As life continues on inside, suddenly our personal spaces have never had more observance. A dusty corner. That old kitchen table. Did the floor always slant downward like that? Surely even the most creative of the creative set, will find themselves existentializing over the kill-age of those chest of drawers. After all, it’s been well documented that the way we feel about our surroundings evokes positive and negative responses in our own emotional wellbeings. With our habitats now a 24-hour work/live/watch tv environment, the need for positivity—and change—has never been more dire. And while there is a certain detoxifying glee to elimination, as we’ve realized many a time at the Apple Genius Bar, sometimes a small update is all that’s required. Here, CR explores how a few home refurbishments can brighten anyone’s life—quarantine and after.

Rest Better

Your bed might be the most important piece of furniture you own. It’s estimated that the average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life, which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. And with that much time dedicated to a single thing, it better be near perfect. Impeccable or not, though, many make the mistake of keeping their beds—specifically their mattresses—too long. The median life of a solid sleeper is 10 years, but some may end shorter or last longer due to material and quality. For those tossing and turning throughout the night for reasons other than anxiety, it might be time to ante up to Leesa‘s Legend. A hybrid of trendy, 12 inch foam and dual layers of springs and microcoils (for edge-to-edge, hip, and shoulder support), the mattress is smartly crafted for all types of rest. So slide-sleepers, as well as those that prefer to lie on their back or face, rejoice: this luxe version of a mattress-in-a-box brings gentle comfort while reliving pressure and reducing lower back pain.

Leesa Legend Mattres, ,199


Relax in Style

When it comes to furniture for living, it’s easy to lean toward fit over function—especially, in small spaces, where reorganizing easily becomes a game of Tetris. Fortunately, millennial home brand Burrow makes both possible with very little assembly required. The company is basically the Away Suitcases of furniture, offering no-frills contemporary pieces that are not only made for young people—they act like them, too. Burrow’s build-it-yourself line of sofas, loveseats, and armchairs are completely customizable online with a range of upholsteries—from scratch resistant fabric to top grain leather—and finishes available in chic, streamlined designs. Bonus points: each piece is outfitted with a built-in USB charger, ensuring that relaxation and communication can both somehow happen at once.

Burrow Block Nomad Leather Loveseat, ,495


Stay Motivated

Of all the difficulties in the transition from the office to the forever-home work space, coffee is an overlooked burden. Goodbye jaunts to the roaster down the street or gossip from a favorite barista. And where do we get started on coffee grounds? As the need for immediate access to a cup of joe increases so does the requirement of a quality caffeine. Enter illy, a multi-generation brewer turned coffee house. The Trieste, Italy-founded brand offers a flavorful assortment of whole-bean coffee and en vogue capsule pods harvested from all around the world that bring the energizing charm of the café to the home. The cherry on top: illy’s fashion-forward line of espresso and coffeemakers created in collaboration with noted designer Francis Francis! Available solo or bundled with refill deliveries (a serviced named illy a casa), the X7.1 uses pressure-guarded pods to brew pipping hot, fresh espresso with stylish presentation. Suddenly work became chic.

illy X7.1 iperEspresso Machine, 5


Get Organized

In 1967, Italian architect Anna Castelli Ferrieri famously pioneered the use of polypropylene plastic to design a three tiered storage system—the Componibili—which would become the signature piece of her furniture brand, Kartell. Over half a century later, the modular storage system, has not only stood the test of time, it’s been recognized as fundamental design as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. All concept aside, the easy-on-the-eyes tower is as multifunctional as it is simple. Simply slide open each door for compact storage and a stylish way to cut down clutter, Corona-related or not.

Kartell Componibili Storage Unit, 0


Anchor Yourself

Here’s a little known, and possibly—probably—a game-changing fact. While I’m sure your high school days remember Urban Outfitters from its ultra-skinny jean phase, the clothier has expanded and evolved with the times. Not only does UO carry an array of trend-relevant and contemporary designer pieces of clothing, its home and lifestyle line is quite possibly its biggest secret treasure. Brilliantly curated, Urban Outfitters Home is for the young city dweller with a finite budget and a taste for aesthetics. Look toward UO’s modernist pieces like this Concrete Side Table, which adds a minimal air of Brutalist design that gives an anchoring weight to balance out any space. Even the mere sight of is somehow calming.

Urban Outfitters Concrete Side Table, 9


Take A Breath

No matter how often one Swiffers, dirt, dust, and allergens seem to pile over our personal items with each breath exhaled. Happen to have a pet? Forget about it clean breathing ever again, right? Wrong. Molekule, a design-forward line of Air Purifiers offers devices that not only destroy at-home pollutants, they also look great doing so. Perfect for small spaces (up to 250 square feet), the brand’s newest product, the Air Mini+ is armed with a particulate matter sensor and a brand-new Auto Protect mode, which detects dust and dander in the air and self-adjusts its fan speed to eradicate all bad things that even the eye cannot see. Even better: the minimal tower is moveable, meaning you can breathe better in whichever room you go to.

Molekule Air Mini+, 9


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