CR Exclusive: Equinox Makes Self Positivity Sexy with Glen Luchford and Floria Sigismondi

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While wellness and fitness trends can span from the the subtle to the life-altering-extreme, one thing is consistent: we’re living a health-obsessed world. You see it in beauty products we apply to the clothes we wear, the activities we do, and—when we’re good—the foods we ingest. We strive to be healthy because “being healthy,” really, is just social code for looking really amazing. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Taking inspiration from this universal urge for self-perfection, Equinox reveals its 2020 campaign. But rather than Minority Report-type robots or perfectly-painted supermodels, the lifestyle brand brings a tongue-in-cheek set of images and film that visualize how devoting time to one’s self might actually make the world a better place. Photographed by Glen Luchford, four separate vignettes introduce us—rather than as simply people but—as god-like “gifts to the world.”

Seen here for the first time, the series is titled “Make Yourself a Gift to the World” and features models Valerie Mevegue, Hugo Woddis, Hermes, and Chloe Bettine Irvin. Through overlaid instructions “Be the Power,” “Play Forever, Experience Deeper, and “Eat Cleaner,” the campaign’s commandment is clear: doing good for yourself influences the world around you, too.

Accompanying the images, a film by Rihanna and David Bowie-collaborator Floria Sigismondi puts the message into motion. “The Most Selfless Act of All,” (shown above) retells the Greek classic of Narcissus, flipping the idea of self-obsession into an act of support. “Another way people can reinvent traditions to improve the world is to have introspective time,” the director tells CR. “Being alone with our thoughts feels a little indulgent when we are pulled in so many different directions…I set aside 20 mins twice a day to meditate. This allows me to be more patient and understanding with people around me. It aligns me with the better self I aspire to be.”

The images and series are just the first installment of “Make Yourself a Gift to the World,” with more to come from the hotelier and luxury fitness club throughout the year.

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