Rare Jewelry from Jackie Collins’ Estate Goes to Auction

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Jackie Collins, sister of actress Joan Collins set the bar when it came to imagining sexy, powerful woman living the glamorous life (at least the 1980’s version of it) adored by ample supplies of male suitors, married or otherwise. She gathered most of her material observing the power plays of Hollywood’s elite with whom she rubbed shoulders as an aspiring actress and then as a Los Angeles scene fixture. As Collins put it “People are intrigued by fame, power and wealth and I think Hollywood is the only place where you can get all three together’ the sentiment becoming fodder for her novels. She also lived a life similar as her characters’ and demonstrated her power for purchasing by her vast collections, which will go up for auction in Los Angeles on May 16th. A portion of the sales proceeds will go several charity funds geared towards women and writers such as The Malala Fund, WriteGirl and Equality Now.

Collins succumbed to breast cancer in 2015 at age 77. Though survived by three daughters who presumably inherited a slew of her belongings, her personal estate which consisted of jewelry, art, furniture and collectibles still warranted an auction at Bonham’s with over 800 lots. Some of Collins themes carry throughout her collections. A known lover of leopard prints and big cats—even a character trait according to Collins who said “My weakness is wearing too much leopard print”—is evident in a leopard print desk set that sat atop her Biedermeier desk as well as a Cartier gold choker with a panther relief and a bronze panther sculpture by French artist N.R. Brunet from the 1930’s.

She also had a penchant for the Art Deco especially collecting watches; She owned a Patek Philippe fine and rare platinum and diamond watch (,000 to ,000) as well as a Harry Winston 18k white gold and diamond rectangular wristwatch with date dial (,000-,000) which Collins wore regularly and referenced in her books such as Lucky. “Lucky glanced at the Cartier watch he had bought her for Christmas, and was surprised to find it was past twelve.”—Lucky, Jackie Collins.

Her affinity for the Deco era came through bracelets as well. A striking black onyx, diamond and platinum bracelet was styled to look like a belt was a rare beauty (00-00). Other bracelet highlights were platinum, diamond and emerald styles, a favored gem combo of the British-born novelist.

Collins’ characters may have been sexually liberated but the author was also financially liberated often doing self-purchases for the bulk of her of gems well before that was a “thing.” She also didn’t keep her beloved jewelry locked up and away for special occasions, instead sporting them regularly. According to Susan F. Abeles, vice president, US jewelry department, director, Bonham’s New York, Collins was “a self-made confident woman who didn’t care about traditional rules and often paired costume jewelry earrings with a diamond brooch. She created her own style by mixing day and night, fine and costume jewelry, day and night pieces.” While quite common today, it was certainly novel when Collins first embraced it. She expressed a bohemian side in a tendency to wear oversized colorful pendant earrings and long chains and amulet necklaces for a touch of Goth. A surprise motif from the legendary glamourous scribe whose catalog of work includes tomes such as Hollywood Wives, Lady Boss, Poor Little Bitch Girl, The World is Full of Married Men and Sinners. Though according to one source, jewelry, not men were Collins’ drug. Lucky, like the character said to be her alter ego, the author of 32 best sellers, had the means to get her fix and then some.

*Editor’s Note: Prices listed are auction sale estimates.

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