Analyzing Kourtney Kardashian’s Punkish Style Switch-Up

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Kourtney Kardashian has a new look. Perhaps inspired by the distinct aesthetic of her significant other, Travis Barker from Blink 182, the pop culture icon recently underwent a mini style makeover. So we’re all wondering… is Kourtney Kardashian punk now?

According to the star herself, Kourtney’s style has not changed — and certainly not at the hand of her semi-recent relationship, which supposedly sparked in December 2o20. However, fans have noticed a more fervent clinging to punk staples, such as chunky combat boots, lots of black, and alternative 90s band tees. No mohawk yet though.

Travis Barker is a keystone of 21st century punk, complete with a dynamic collage of tattoos, piercings, and graphic tees to boot. An unlikely pairing when considering Kourtney’s prior relationships, the two have been vibrantly expressing their love for each other. Possibly through fashion as well?

However the Kardashian sister’s rebel looks aren’t new. Growing up in Los Angeles during the heyday of the ’90s, she oft posts throwback looks to her “heroin-chic” teen style including rounded mini sunglasses, bleached hair, and lots of leather. Perhaps, her new look is even channeling her sense of style from the good old days.

Countless changes have arisen quite subtly. Kourtney’s fashion sense has perpetually been linked to dark colorways and a bit of an edgy flair, but certain hints are brand new. Kourtney certainly would not wear many of her 2020 summer looks these days.

Who knows? Maybe the seasons are to credit for the variant styles, and summer 2021 will push her punk leanings afar. Either way, it’s clear this Kardashian is able to work any fashion style.

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