Why Mushrooms are Beauty’s Latest Craze


Superfoods are touted for their nutritional benefits, but from vitamin-rich veggies to antioxidant-packed berries, many are also great for the skin. Mushrooms are the latest skin-saving super ingredient to enter the beauty realm, with tasty supplements and effective topicals harnessing their anti-aging properties.

Fungi are actually considered their very own genre of superfood due to all the different variations, each with their own blend of essential nutrients. Across the board, mushrooms have a long history in wellness practices. Traditional Chinese medicine has used mushrooms for their healing properties for centuries, specifically the Reishi and Cordyceps varietals. As they pertain to beauty, the antioxidants those mushrooms contain can slow the aging of skin, fight inflammation, and restore balance to one’s complexion. Meanwhile, Shiitake mushrooms are a natural source of kojic acid, which helps with brightening the skin’s appearance by reducing age spots and hyperpigmentation. Then there are truffles, a gourmet ingredient in the culinary realm, but also a source of hydration-retaining ceramides.

With countless types of mushrooms and various benefits to each, CR rounds up the top shroom-based skincare finds.

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