cp-title: Interspatia – Cat Lamb

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{“id”:351,”name”:”Interspatia – Cat Lamb”,”type”:”Produksjon”,”fields”:[{“id”:110,”value”:null},{“id”:113,”value”:”The piece is completely acoustic brass, but with spatialization. The tuba trio remains in the center while there are 3 different positions the trombones move between. The trombonists change from being peripheral elements to part of the integrated ensemble.”},{“id”:114,”value”:”simple/quiet/low, set to the different positions”},{“id”:115,”value”:”just room for the trombonists to walk”},{“id”:116,”value”:”15 chairs + 15 music stands + stand lights for the three positions”},{“id”:133,”value”:null},{“id”:134,”value”:null}],”events”:[{“id”:19026,”name”:”Catherine Lamb u2013u00a0Interspatia”}],”urlparam”:null}